United At Home
United in Love United in Christ Couple's Guide
Session One: Building Your Marriage on the Rock
Session Two: Prayer
Session Three: The Eucharist
Session Four: Forgiveness
Session Five: Through Mary to Jesus
Session Six: Growing in Love

United At Home

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United at Home is the “at home edition” to the United in Love – United in Christ marriage enrichment series. This Date Night program explores God’s awesome plan and promise for spouses and provides practical steps in building on what Pope St. John Paul II taught to be the “infallible” and “indispensable” way to a truly united and faithful marriage!

United at home is a six-session marriage enrichment series that you watch at your own pace in the privacy of your own home. You and your spouse will have access to the six Video Presentations from the United in Love Series and a digital copy of the United in Love Couple’s guide.